Anderson Craft Ales

Client: Anderson Craft Ales

Project: Branding


Anderson Craft Ales hired me to design and establish the branding for their family owned & operated craft brewery based out of London, Ontario. They have the experience to create amazing beer (their award winning Brewmaster also has a Ph.D. in Microbiology!), but needed a look that is very approachable and will stand out from the many, many craft breweries. The craft beer industry is on a major upswing and they want to make sure they're leading the pack for years to come.

The scope of the project includes identity design, stationery, package design (cans), website, and merchandise. The project is currently ongoing with more to follow.


Design trends run wild when it comes to craft beer, but Anderson Craft Ales is a brand created with longevity in mind and is perfectly balanced between professional, modern, and approachable. The identity cleverly features a hop in the negative space of the 'A' to pay homage to their hop-focused ales while the stationery follows a minimalist approach with its clean layout.

This minimalist approach continues with the beer cans and is where the branding really evolves and a design system is set it place. Using white cans allows the hits of bright, bold colour to draw your focus and to stand out in retail. The back of the cans also feature tasting notes and vital information for anyone looking to understand the beer's profile better. On the side of the can, the ideal serving temperature and glassware icon is for people looking to get the full experience.

The website continues the clean, minimalist theme but maintains ease of use and navigation showcasing their beer, story, and brewery. Building the website on SquareSpace allows the Anderson's to easily update their website when they have job postings, news and events.

Anderson Craft Ales was voted as the 3rd most favourite new Ontario brewing company of 2016 out of 45 breweries. See the full results.

Anderson Craft Ales hop 'A' logo in white over blurred image of hops.
Anderson Craft Ales hop 'A' logo on a white background.
Hop icons on grey and green backgrounds.
Anderson Craft Ales letterhead and business card designs.
Anderson Craft Ales coasters.
Anderson Craft Ales t-shirt designs.
Anderson Craft Ales website mockup.
  • Brett did an expert job of translating our rough vision into a clean, polished, final design that we couldn't be happier with. From initial concepts to final revisions, Brett always went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the end result.
    Gavin Anderson
    President & Brewmaster at Anderson Craft Ales

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