Fika Cafe & Bakery

Client: Conceptual Project

Project: Identity, Packaging & Branding

I believe in designing for the type of clients you want to work with, so this is purely to demonstrate the branding process in the context of a cafe. All photography is from Unsplash.

Fika (Fee-ka) is a proud Swedish coffee tradition, which inspired me to fuse my love for great coffee and Nordic design into a single project. I've included photography to help build a mood around the branding, as if this were an actual location.

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Fika logo over an image of a coffee shop.
Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a social phenmenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time.

Using the cross within the Swedish flag as inspiration, the logotype was designed to include this within the negative space as an homage to its roots. This subtleness is a characteristic of Nordic design; not too flashy, but well thought out.

Swedish flag.
Fika logo showing the connection to the Swedish flag.

As a place where friends would gather and relax, I wanted the interior vibe to remain true to a clean design, but also feel welcoming through natural wood tones and a rustic brick wall.

Interior shot of the cafe.
Fika logo on a white brick wall.

Custom patterns were designed, inspired by Nordic designs. These patterns are applied to various pieces throughout the branding, including dishware, packaging, and collateral.

Nordic pattern designs.
Fika branded dishware
Fika packaing design including cups and coffee bags.
Fika business cards.
Fika collateral designs including bags and cards.

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