Iron Road Brewing

Client: Iron Road Brewing

Project: Identity Design & Branding

Richard and Jared approached me to talk about handling their branding after a couple unsuccessful logo designs. Being from Kamloops, a railroad town, they wanted to capture a strong, blue-collar industry look that would resonate with the locals, but also attract a younger crowd especially since they're brewing so close to Thompson Rivers University.

A strong slab-serif font and bold colour palette are essential to this identity, giving it that balance of industrial and modern. The dark charcoal and rusty orange tones (iron and rust) are tied into not only the railway industry, but the aesthetic direction the brewery will take on as well.

The iron spike that separates the typography is an iconic image of its own, which worked its way into an alternate "IR" identity with surrounding details that are representative of the front of a old steam locomotive to further tie in with the town's history.

The overall brand aesthetic created for Iron Road Brewing lends itself towards a strong, bold image whether it's on stationery, glassware, merchandise or their online presence.

Iron Road Brewing logo in white and orange over an image of a train.
Iron Road Brewing logo on a white background.
R-Spike alternate logo on grey and white backgrounds.
Iron Road Brewing business card design.
Iron Road Brewing logo on a beer glass.
R-Spike logo on a black t-shirt
Iron Road Brewing website mockup on a Macbook.
  • Brett went above and beyond while working on our brand designs, and delivered a final product that we are very happy with. He worked very quickly and met all deadlines. He was easy to reach and kept us in the loop during the whole process. We look forward to using his services for work in the future, and would recommend him to anyone looking for graphic design services.
    Richard Phillips & Jared Tarswell
    Owners of Iron Road Brewing

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