Client: Side Project

Project: Branding & Package Design

As a side project, a friend and myself created a Nordic inspired beard oil brand. We both live and have grown up in Northern Ontario, so we landed on Nord. This translates to North in both French and Norwegian, our heritage. The degree symbol is set next to the O to reflect 0° North on a compass. The colour is influenced by the Northern Lights with the degree symbol being set in a subtle, complimentary neutral grey.

We created our first and only product, a premium beard oil appropriately named VALHALLA, and shipped it to vikings across the globe before deciding to pack it in and continue our other ventures.

Nord logo over Northern Lights photo.
Nord logo
Nord logo on teal and in grey.
Nord Icons; North arrow, compass, and Scandinavian flag.
Front and back of Valhalla Beard Oil bottle.
Three Valhalla beard oil bottles

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