Client: Conceptual Project

Project: UI Design


Sonos is 100% quality-obsessed and their products show it. I use my Sonos speakers daily and love them, but their Controller App just doesn't reflect the brand and is inconsistent with their website and app designs.


Taking cues from their other UI designs and speaker designs, the UI gets stripped down and rebuilt into something sleak, clean, and modern. Icons have been updated and refined across the screen and a sea of blue gradients and texture is exchanged for dark, solid backgrounds that put a focus on the album artwork for the music playing at the time. This design sets up the music to look as good as it sounds on Sonos.

Sonos Speakers

Sonos Play:1 Speakers

Original SONOS Controller App UI

Current Sonos Controller App UI for Mac.

Updated SONOS Controller App UI

Updated Sonos Controller App UI concept.

Updated SONOS Controller App Icon

Hardly revolutionary, but a necessary change to the Mac app icon.

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