Tailspin Jerky

Client: Tailspin Jerky

Project: Identity, Packaging & Branding

Scott took the leap from being a Software Engineer at Apple to starting his own jerky company. Sounds crazy right? He knew he had an amazing recipe and needed branding to match. He only had two major requirements; make sure there's humour injected when possible, and don't be like those other jerky companies.

From the beginning, we sifted through dozens of possible names trying to find that perfect jerky name, and kept coming back to 'Tailspin'. Even though 'tailspin' can often have a negative connotation, it didn't matter, that's exactly the kind of unexpected humour Scott wanted to have in this brand.

With the perfect name chosen, we moved into the identity design and went back and fourth on various directions, but this flying cow just stuck around and ultimately proved itself worthy of the Tailspin name. Straying from the stereotypical masculine style you'd expect out of a jerky brand, the Tailspin identity is more lighthearted and easygoing. The propeller-like tail adds character to the identity and literally pulls the cow away from the customized logotype that uses stylized cuts that tie in with the tail. The navy blue keeps the brand identity strong and comes to life through various applications.

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Tailspin Jerky logo in blue.
Horizontal Tailspin Jerky logo on blue and light grey.

When it came to packaging, we knew that there was one thing dominating the jerky shelves. Black bags loaded with hand crafted, artisanal buzzwords. Again, straying from the status quo, we landed on a design that's much more approachable. Tailspin is meant to be a brand that everyone can enjoy, from the family that is out camping to the group of friends who are on a road trip to a music festival and the design had to reflect this.

The bags feature a bold dividing line that helps add distinction to each flavour, while creating brand recognition on the shelves. Below that, the heat indicator icons lead into the flavour and taste profile so within seconds you'll know which bag is for you. On the back of the bag, the design is flipped and the branding is reinforced through witty copy.

All three Tailspin Jerky bags.

The business cards were designed to mimic the packaging which helps with building brand awareness.

Tailspin Jerky's business cards.

Being in Palo Alto means Scott is surrounded by tech companies and startups which typically include free snacks for their employees. The 'Spinbox was a must have piece of marketing to gain corporate accounts and customer interest.

Tailspin's seamless cow spotted shipping bags are sure to stand out in the mail.

Tailspin Jerky's cow spotted poly mailer bags.

I partnered with the team at VividMotion to bring Tailspin's site to life. Check it out and grab a few bags (if you're in the US)!

Tailspin Jerky's landing page design.
  • No testimonial of a reasonable length can handle the amount of praise I’ve got for Brett Lair. Am I a genius? Probably. Could my questionable genius have been fully realized without Brett Lair? Definitely not. Not only is Brett exceedingly creative and capable when it comes to his craft, but his work ethic extends beyond just the deliverables.
    When you hire Brett, you’re hiring a talented designer that truly wants to see YOU succeed. He’s the kind of guy you can be assured will stick with you until everything is perfect, and then he’ll surprise you with a few extras to make things even better. I initially hired Brett to help me formulate some basic packaging designs and flush out a brand identity… but I could never have foreseen the truly immeasurable value his work would hold for my company. Immensely creative, excellent collaborator, disciplined worker, and stellar teammate.
    Scott Bader
    Founder & Chief Jerk at Tailspin Jerky

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